Little Sugar Addicts

Questions & Answers

The following are all common questions you might ask when your child shows symptoms of sugar sensitivity. Click the '+' icon beside each question to view Kathleen's answer.

He flips into being a different person. It's like he is not there. Am I crazy to think this?

Not at all. It is biochemical and it is as if a switch does flip in his brain. And you, of all people, can feel it. But, remember, the switch can be rewired.

She acts like two different people. What happens to her?

Depending on her biochemical state, her behavior will change. Biochemistry shifts, behavior shifts.

Sometimes he scares me. Is that normal?

When he shifts into that state, it is scary. This is a totally natural response on your part. The rage is fierce and you do not trust what he might do. Your feelings are real, and they are warranted.

Is this my fault? Is this about bad parenting?

This is about your child's biochemistry. You haven't known the part about the food. You cannot do what you do not know.

Is there really a way out?

Yes, our plan goes to the heart of the issue and balances the chemistry that drives this behavior.