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Healing bad behavior with nutrition

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You may contact Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons anytime at 505-345-3737 or by email. She has worked with parents all over the world for many years. After the publication of her book, Potatoes Not Prozac, many parents asked about how to adapt the steps for children. She published a book for parents called Little Sugar Addicts. Here is the editorial review of that book.

Editorial Review

From Publishers Weekly

Addiction expert DesMaisons, who addressed adult "sugar sensitivity" in Potatoes Not Prozac, now turns her attention to the younger generation. Sugar sensitivity can be linked to behavior, health and emotions, she says. In kids who are especially vulnerable to sugar, imbalances in brain and body chemistry are the cause of low serotonin, low beta-endorphin and volatile blood sugar. Consequently, kids react to sugar as if it were a drug, embarking on a craving and crashing cycle. DesMaisons advocates modifying children's biochemistry by changing their diets, and suggests parents explain to kids that sugar has a connection to their mood and feelings, and then get them to help keep a food journal. She also suggests parents alter their own use of sugar before they start on their child. Although DesMaisons advocates cutting out sugar, she isn't a purist; hot dogs and chips are occasionally allowed, along with healthy snacks and whole wheat bread. Though some parents may balk at the monumental nature of the task, DesMaisons' sugar-free plan is practical and gradual, and she includes kid-tested recipes as well. 

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